We can service all your drainage needs such as:

Drain cleaning

We clean all types of drains. From main sewers, kitchen drains, laundry drains, shower and tubs, slow or stopped up drains.


On some occasions drains can not be cleared by using a rooter machine. That’s when a hydro-jetter is necessary. Hydro-jetting is an ultra high pressure water hose with a special nozzle that goes into your drain pipe and breaks down that hard to get grease.

Camera and Video inspections

Our specialized equipment can travel down any drain 2” to 6" to inspect the condition of your pipes. It shows all, greatly assisting us in making a plan to solve your drain problems. Video tape included.

Sewer line locating

Our precision equipment can locate the exact location of the pipe and the depth to within 1”.

Sewer line repairs and replacing

Sometimes sewer lines can be repaired. Sometimes it requires a new sewer line to be installed. All repairs and installations are completed to code using Sched. 40 ABS.

Sump pumps

Repaired and replaced.